Affirmed Right to Freedom of Information Online

b5960182fdfc44b3aa6b9be215c9c6b5-e1354034189389Delegates attending the World Conference on International Telecommunications in Dubai last Tuesday, pledged to uphold the right to freedom of information online. 193 of the members supported the proposal, which was introduced by Tunisia, to protect freedom of expression online.  The fact that this basic human right is being recognized on such an international level is a giant step forwards towards casting a spotlight on dictators who attempt to create black holes in the internet, such as what Egypt’s old dictator did shortly before he was removed from office.

The International Telecommunications Union is an agency of the United Nations, and there support for holding this conference helps to create importance for the topic of internet freedom. While this is a good thing, the conference ultimately ended without actually doing anything. Tunisia wanted the ITU to add into its constitution an article that states that the rights which people have offline, they also have online, was eventually denied.

For more information on this conference, feel free to go here.


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