SOPA: The Internet Blacklist Bill

This is a bill that will allow the U.S. government to ban websites from being accessed in the United States. It uses the same censorship methods that are currently being implemented in China, Iran, and Syria. Further it is in violation of the Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19. This bill violates our freedom of speech and would allow the government to have complete control over what we can access on the Internet.

This bill was recently passed in the House of Representatives, and then it failed in the Senate. This was too close for comfort for anyone who was aware of the bill. I am posting this article to allow people to do an awareness check of how tuned in they are to the bills that are being purposed in Congress. If you where not aware of this bill, please tune in more. Congress should note be able to vote to take away our civil liberties before we have a chance to protest against it.

For more Information on the SOPA bill, feel free to go here.


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