Review of Source “The 6 Types of Social Media”

This articled was posted on a blogging website called Out:Think, which is owned by Tim Grahl. One of this websites most recent articles “The 6 Types of Social Media” sparked my interest because it is one of the few sources that actually tries to define the social media.

Some of the most common social media sites are listed in the article. Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter are all hailed as some of the most popular social media websites.

The author makes the claim that Social Networks, Bookmarking Sites, Social News, Media Sharing, Microblogging, and Blog Comments and Forums are the 6 different ways that Social Media allows us to communicate. An interesting distinction that this makes, is that social media is a software invention, NOT a hardware invention. That means that things like your phone and computer actually are not defined as social media.

If you are interested in the article you are able to see it here!


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