Merits of a Government

People have been fighting for centuries trying to find the perfect form of government, the turmoil in the Middle East with the Arab Spring is no different. I want to point out something peculiar I noticed when I was spending time in Morocco. 

The people where protesting the king and demanding democracy, and unlike the other Middle Eastern dictators/kings/rulers, the Moroccan king said “Okay, fine.” and this is what happened…

The people got a prime minister, new taxes to pay for the new government, and a king that was still ultimately in power. What I noticed, however, that the king stayed in power by giving the people something to do. They vote for their prime minister, who deals with the day to day operations of running the government, stuff the king didn’t want to do anyways. So at the end of the day, the king stays in power, and the people are kept busy thinking they are helping themselves.

Theres somethings in that scenario that is repeated across history. Successful governments keep the people busy, while the elite operate behind the scenes. This idea sort of sparked a revolution in my head. Think of what the presidents argue for when they are elected. I will fix the economy, I will end this war, I will start this war, I will give us healthcare, I will legalize gay marriage. All of that is non-sense. The presidents don’t have the power to do half of the stuff they say they will.

As Americans, we are all “entertained” by politics. We think that our “vote” will make a difference with who is elected, but in my personal opinion, it is the elite who run this country, and they give us a president as a toy to keep us busy.

250,000 likes on a Facebook page toppled the Egyptian Government. Youtube goes through 100,000,000,000 views, a DAY. THAT is actual power, that the U.S. president or any other part of the United States government couldn’t dream of having. 

One last piece of thought. If 80% of the economy is owned by 5% of the people, and those 5% of the people only pay a 20% tax, that means that, that 5% of the people in the country, are 4 times more powerful than the entire U.S. Government.


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