The Innocence of Muslims

The Innocence of Muslims is the name of a movie that has recently released a trailer on YouTube. The trailer hasn’t actually gotten that big with only 16 million views, but even so, it has caused a wave of riots across the Middle East. The movie trailer starts off normal enough, but it goes on to express anti-Muslim material throughout the trailer. It depicts that all Muslims are violent, savage, uneducated barbarians, and it viciously insults the profit Mohammad (our equivalent of Jesus). 

The movie has caused the Arab Spring to become even more violent. Protests in Egypt, Syria  and Libya have caused mass disturbances, resulting in the death of an American Ambassador in Libya. The Innocence of Muslim has started to become blocked on YouTube in countries where there has been the biggest protests, such as Libya and Syria, but personally, I think YouTube should just take down the video all together.

We don’t need a video like this to be advertised to the world.


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