The Censorship of YouTube

YouTube is currently ranked the 3rd most visited site in the world. With over 100 Billion views a day, it is almost impossible to find a soul in the world that hasn’t heard its name. Recently, however, certain countries have been starting to decide to block YouTube, or sections of YouTube, to their general population. 

In 2008 Armenia blocked YouTube after a disputed presidential debate where protesters uploaded videos of police brutality. YouTube has been blocked in China since 2007 to control information, and it was blocked in 2006 in Iran because it is considered “Immoral”.  

and it has been blocked in many many more countries, and most of them seem to have a surprising reason in common. They try to control the information that their public receives. Why? Most would assume because if you can control the masses you shall remain in power.

Here’s a list of more countries that are blocking YouTube, and why.


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