Okay, so here I am in the middle of writing my 1100 word essay and I come across an article about Mohamed Bouazizi.

Mohamed was a 26 year old owner of a fruit stand in Tunisia. He also is a political Martyr who poured paint thinner on himself and then proceeded to set himself on fire.

I want anyone who is reading this to just take a moment and forget all previous notions you may have about Arabs. Forget all of the racist, stereotypical things that you are bombarded with every day and think about this for a second.

Mohamed was 26. He had a family of seven. He made about $73 a week on average, about $1.46 an hour. And he set himself on FIRE. Think about the conditions it takes a man to do that, and realize he was not an extremist, or mentally unstable, but he was simply part of the bottom 50% of the Middle Eastern population and was pushed to his limits.

There is a reason why the Middle East is being turned upside down.

Here is an Article about his life.

*Edit: Maybe the bottom 47% would be more appropriate!


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